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We know that almost everyone is worried about the first visit to the proctologist. we provide the highest emphasis on human approach, discretion and maximum professionalism, part of the examination, the proctologist shall be acquainted with the general state of health of the patient who the examination will clarify the problem that is bothering him.

Physician then perform the examination on the bed on the left side by inspection, palpation, then we do Ano-/rectoscopy examination. The examination begins with a detailed perianal inspection. At this stage, it is possible to uncover the causes of itching,   growths, or other diseases in the perianal area. 

We continue with Anoscopy, by examining the anal canal with a focus on

crack, hemorrhoids, polyps or inflammation. Subsequently, the physician performs rectoscopy to a depth of about 25 cm within which it is  important to uncover polyps or infiltrating cancer in the rectum.

The great advantage of our clinic, which distinguishes us from other clinics, is that we have an optical camera through which the patient can monitor the entire course of the whole examination and subsequently its diagnosis.

  Preparation : 

The preparation process is not complicated at all, just follow these two steps: 

  1. Apply 2 of glycerin suppositories the evening before the examination. 2. Re-apply 2 glycerin suppositories two hours before the examination. 
  2. Note: You do not need a prescription to buy glycerin suppositories.


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