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Anal fimbriaen treatment

Anal fimbriae are formations of skin folds.   they occur very often and are almost always harmless. Usually patients wrong or misunderstand them with external hemorrhoids. Duplicates can be in one, two or more nodes around the anus.

Sometimes skin folds are painful and can be a sign of an anal fissure. 

Therefore, the best solution, and not to suffer anymore is the removal of anal fimbria , our modern center enables to remove the anal fimbria by using radiofrequency wave under local anesthesia. The procedure is painless and its duration depends on the number skin folds present. Again, we would like to draw attention to the importance of choosing the right and skilled proctologist who focuses on this activity on a daily basis. 

You don’t have to be afraid , our proctologist consultancy line will help to solve any problem encountered.


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